Viniyog Parivar Trust Is An NGO Working Under The ‘‘Jain Sangh
Donation Exempted Under S. 80 (G) Of Income Tax Act. Registered Under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act.

About Us


  • For establishing real peace, real justice and real non-violence in the world by re-establishing the millions of years old non-violent lifestyle gifted by the Aryan culture, and protection of its principles, values, structures and practices;
  • For protection of the religious, economic, social and political wings of that non-violent lifestyle/model;
  • For protection of the original seeds, species etc. whether they be of foodgrains, fruits, flowers, animal species or even the seeds of thoughts;
  • For preservation and protection of all types of natural resources, ecology and environment;
  • For protection of ancient arts, crafts and craftsmanship;
  • For protection of the spirit of non-violence, culture, morals and values in lifestyle amongst the people;
  • For protection of the interests of the non-white races of the entire world; and
  • For protection of the very character and self-respect of the Aryan race.

Let us all unite to make this campaign a success.