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Beware of Game Plan Of The White Race To Establish Their Sovereign Rule On The Entire World

After the famous battle of Constantinople (now Istanbul in Turkey) in the year 1453, when Muhammad II captured the city, which was then the Capital of Roman Empire, the Whites of Europe ventured throughout the world to establish their sovereign rule on the entire world. In the year 1492, the then Pope, Alexander VI issued a Bull i.e. a decree, assuming his own sovereign right and ownership on the entire world. According to that Bull, the entire world outside Europe (newly discovered lands at that time) was divided in two parts. The Eastern part of the world was bequeathed upon Portugal and the Western part upon Spain. From that day onwards, both Portugal and Spain set out on a path to establish factual and visible sovereignty of the White Race on the entire world. Thereafter Vasco-Da-Gama came to India in 1498 via Africa and landed at Calicut.

Columbus from Spain set out in the Western direction and landed on the shores of America. Their ostensible and innocent looking aim for going to other countries for the purpose of trade and business was to keep their real aim under disguise. The fact was that the Bull declared by the Pope had established his self-assumed sovereign power though in a disguised manner on the entire world and the discovery of new countries and establishment of trading centres in such countries by the White Race was only for implementation of such sovereign authority and ownership. A student of history would know that during a period of about 5 centuries after this ‘Bull’ of 1492, the Whites have pervaded all over the world and have totally destroyed or ruined the ethnic population of all the countries which now have “White” population. The red Indians in America, the short bushmen in Australia and New Zealand etc. have been totally destroyed and these countries have now become the countries of the Whites. The Whites could not achieve such total success in countries like India and China because the ethnic population in these two countries were very well organised and were protected by their culture which was thousands of years old. They could withstand the onslaught of the Whites due to their inherent cultural strength. Sensing this strength of the Indians, the Whites prepared a detailed plan spanning over centuries and divided each step of plan roughly in a period of one century each and decided the target for each such century. The course of history over the past five centuries since 1492 had followed this pre-determined plan which will be quite evident if the historical events are viewed from this point of view.

This plan consisted of the following steps:

1) To gather information and intelligence and for that purpose depute Ambassadors and also learned travellers to visit India. This activity was carried out during the16th Century. Sir Tomas Row, etc. were such ambassadors/ travellers who visited India during this period, travelled extensively all over the country and documented their impression for further guidance of the Whites.

2) The East India Company came to India by virtue of a Charter issued by Queen Elizabeth. When somebody raised a doubt as to how the Queen could issue a Charter to be implemented in a country which was not under Imperial domain of England, the Queen brushed aside such doubt saying that it was her Royal prerogative, which she would not allow to be questioned by anyone. The defiance underlying this statement is worth noting.

3) Once East India Company was established, they started interfering in the affairs of various native kings and after defeating them, the East India Company spread its domain on larger and larger parts of India. This was the period from 1757 to 1857, beginning with the battle of Plassey and ending with the Indian Mutiny. In 1757, Robert Clive and his forces opened the way to British dominance in India by defeating Siraj-Ud- Doulah and culminating into total control of India by 1857.

4) After establishing total control on the entire country, the British Crown took over the charge from East India Company and the authority was now vested in Queen Victoria by the proclamation of 1858. Thereafter the British indulged in outwardly constructive appearing activities such as spreading of education, developing means of transport and communication, establishing legal system, establishing medical facilities etc.

Through their own education system, they started brain washing the Indians and pre paring them for taking over the future management of the country as per their own (Whites) diktat to be issued from behind the scene. This was the period from 1857 to 1919. During this period, in the year 1885 Sir Hume established Indian National Congress and gave it an appearance as though it was an institution of the Indians. As per the game plan, this institution was assigned the role of demanding ‘self-rule’ for India,

5) The next period from 1919 onwards was a period when a congenial atmosphere was created in the country to establish their actual colony under the guise of rule by the local population through their leaders who were moulded to suit the British design. A federal structure was created in the country in the year 1919, whereby local self-governments were established in various provinces of India and the foundation of the future system of governance suited to the interest of the Whites was laid down.

6) The next period consists of giving total independence which is only the outward appearance and behind such outward appearance the Whites have established their absolute rule on India. The tightening of such rule and control through the institutions of United Nations and its various branches is continuing with each passing day and in each sphere of the common man’s life.

The establishment of the Institution of United Nations also needs a close scrutiny. In the year 1945., the representatives of two great powers of the world i.e. Prime Minister Winston Churchil of U.K., and the President of U.S.A. Mr. Roosevelt met in the Atlantic ocean and decided to form the institution of United Nations with the tacit approval of Stalin of Russia . Because U.S. and Russia were proclaimed enemies, they could not come on the same platform in a visible way and hence Russia supported the formation of United Nations by its tacit approval.

In the initial years, the United Nations was almost a dormant body, involved in some unimportant functions. However, its enrolment of membership was going on with relentless speed and India, while under the British Rule itself, was made a member of the United Nations. Thus after laying the entire trap in a very meticulous manner, India was freed from the visible and small British cage and was imprisoned in a larger cage consisting of the United Nations and its various organs. This cage has no visible boundaries or visible faces which govern this country. At the same time the situation is like a steel jacket around the body, where free movement is not at all permitted.

Though the Indian National Congress (established by the British only almost 60 years before handing over independence) a drama was enacted as though the organisation of the Indian people itself was asking for independence and bowing to the wish of the Indian people, the British had agreed to give independence to India.

Incidentally it is pertinent to note and keep constantly in mind that the “Bull” of the Pope Alexander VI, issued in the year 1492 is not revoked, is still followed and is being implemented by the White Race. This is clarified because some people may tend to brush aside the Pope’s Bull as a distant historical fact having no relevance today. At the time of Independence the Indians and the British were both Jubilant, but for different reasons. The Indians and their leaders were under an illusion that they had achieved “Swaraj” i.e. their own rule. The British were jubilant because they had established their “Swaraj” in India where they could rule with remote control. What a transition it has been from ‘Raj’ to ‘Swaraj’! As an instrument for such remote control, they gave a new constitution to India formulated by the constituent Assembly to which members were nominated by the British and to which a frame work in the form of guidelines issued by the British Cabinet Mission was given by the British. The Constitution laid down the system of governance consisting of parliament and legislative assemblies etc. and the process of election to these bodies was as per the guidelines given by the British. Many of the members of the Constituent Assembly expressed their reservations about the suitability of such a Constitution for India.

However, as a bargain for the superficial independence which the country was now getting, these members accepted the guidelines issued by the British cabinet mission. To prepare the Indian masses for the type of education and the system of governance that would follow after independence the Scheme of federal structure, elections, local self-governing bodies etc. had already started on experimental basis right from the year 1919 and hence the transition from the rule of the British to the rule of the stooges of the British became very smooth. The present generation of India is now passing through the 7th step of the game plan which is being implemented at present.

The onslaught of the Western culture and the destruction of the great Aryan culture through the medium of education, the economic development model, the change in agriculture system and crafts etc. are with the intention of destroying the masses, reduce their ethnic population over a period of next 100 years and increase the inhabitance of the Whites in this country. By imposing the Western education, the western way of thinking, consumerism, materialism, etc. the ethnic population is being brainwashed to accept the ultimate settlement of the Whites without any objections thinking themselves to be alike the Whites. Just to give an instance, the settlement of Whites in Aurovile, near Pondicherry is indicative of this game plan. Pondicherry has been a French colony and though it is a part of free India as a Union territory, the great portion of its inhabitants consists of Whites with hardly any ethnic population in the island. It was not possible to destroy such large ethnic population by the direct action of the Whites and hence by definite mischievous action, communal disharmony is encouraged so that the ethnic population gets destroyed by fighting each other and make the job of Whites easy to that extent. The present scenario in the country bears a testimony of this game plan. The happenings in other countries of the world inhabited by the non-whites also bear testimony to this game plan.

Everywhere the ethnic population, even if belonging to the same religion is divided in various sections and made thirsty for each others’ blood. The institutions of United Nations and its various organs interfere in such battles, takes side of one factions or the other and destroy the other faction. However, the irony is that such interference is in the name of establishing peace or rendering medical assistance or some such laudable purpose. The conflicts in Vietnam, Korea, Middle-East, Angola, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and even India are all parts of the same game plan. The latest of such invasion is in Somalia, where at the behest of United Nations the U.S. army has entered on the grounds that there is no local Government worth the name in that country.

The period of 1947 to 2047, seems to be earmarked for destroying the larger section of Indian population and to mould the survivors of such destruction into accepting the rule of the Whites. The happenings in the past 45 years after achieving independence indicate enough proof of the growing influence of the Whites in all the spheres of the Indian life. Thus it would appear that the numerous conflicts all over the world are in fact the conflicts between the Whites and the non-whites. The conflicts or the battles do not involve the Whites directly but are fought by the stooges or the pawns of the Whites.

If India has to survive this game plan, it must awake to its reality, it must give a second reading to the history in the light of this game plan so that the happening over the past five centuries can be evaluated in the right perspective and prove the real intentions of those who were behind these events. The game is at a much advanced stage and in favour of the Whites, but all is not lost. India and other non-White countries will have to make herculean efforts to thwart the game even at this stage. Our leaders in the field of political, social and religion will have to grasp the gravity of the matter and realise how they are being used against their own countrymen in this game. Such realisation will be the first step towards reversing the game and thereafter concerted efforts will be needed to defeat the enemy.