Viniyog Parivar Trust Is An NGO Working Under The ‘‘Jain Sangh
Donation Exempted Under S. 80 (G) Of Income Tax Act. Registered Under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act.


A call to join this campaign of protecting the Culture

The situation all around is  catastrophic .  The structures in all the spheres of this great land  are under attack and crumbling. We are feeling as if we are torn apart.  Still within our  limited means, we are doing our best to save these structures.  We invite you to join us in this endeavour.

Viniyog Parivar is working in several fields and  at several levels and has achieved success in good measures as narrated above.  If you feel that these efforts need to be boosted, you are most welcome to contribute your might.  We present the following scheme for your consideration.

As a Sanskruti Rakshak you may make an annual donation of  Rs.51,000/-.or US $ 1,000/-

As a Sanskruti Prabhavak you may make an annual donation of  Rs.31,000/- or US $ 700/-

As a Sanskruti Aradhak you may make an annual donation of  Rs.11,000/- or US $ 300/-

The torch   of this campaign needs to glow perpetually,  and hence we would appeal you to  extend your support on a continuous basis from year to year.

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