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Sanskruti Rakasha

The campaign for protection of our culture - Sanskruti Raksha is necessary for the following  reasons:

The Aryan lifestyle which believes in  salvation of the  soul as the ultimate aim and which encompasses religious, social, political and economic systems under its fold is under threat.  The non-violent and non-exploitative economic model is being  replaced with Anarya exploitative  and violent model of  development based on gigantic machinery. As a result, a cultured race is being converted into a herd of wild animals.

The white world is scheming to snatch away the hereditary occupations, village industry trades, businesses  and means of livelihood of the coloured race.  The economy of the entire country is in shambles. People are  reeling under mountains of debts.  Bank after Bank is becoming insolvent, the local trade, business and industry is getting destroyed at the hands of  Multinational Companies. Lakhs of people are losing their employment and livelihood.

The picture on the social front is also draconian. The joint family structure is getting destroyed and families are getting divided, creating adverse conditions which makes practising of moral life impossible. The institution of marriage is under attack; orphanages, old age homes, homes for mentally disturbed  are increasing.

The practices in the area of  food  which were well preserved by the  Indian kitchens are being destroyed and  people are compelled to consume food, knowingly or unknowingly, which they would otherwise consider unconsumable.  The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) - an organ of the United Nations is snatching away fresh milk and pure ghee from the people and pushing the non-white race in the clutches of diseases due to malnutrition.  Hospitals are overflowing with diseased people and the  absolutely low cost Ayurvedic system which alone can correctly diagonise and treat the diseases is getting  destroyed.

In the name of  ‘food processing industry’, and under the guise of providing employment, and seeking protection under the Constitutional guarantee of freedom for any business, the Multinational Companies have targeted the living  creatures of this country and the Government is giving them all sorts of encouragement and incentives. Almost each day one new  scheme to kill living creatures is floated.

In place of the cattle based Indian agriculture and animal husbandry a new system of agriculture based on chemical fertlisers, poisonous pesticides, mechanisation, hybrid varieties of seeds, and a new animal husbandry based on cross-breeding of animals  has come into being. Agriculture and animal husbandry is being snatched away from the traditional and ethnic farmers and cattle breeders and are slipping under the control of multinational companies. 

The present legal system imported from the West, has destroyed the traditional Indian systems of administering justice.

In the educational field, the purpose of education which ought to be salvation (Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye), has been changed and  everyone trains himself / herself for the rat-race of materialism.  Each new generation is brainwashed from its  early childhood through the education system of  Macaulay.

In the religious field, using the new constitution of India, the supremacy of Rajyasatta has been established over Dharmasatta.  Through the medium of  Public Trust Act, the control of government has been established on religious  properties.  In the name of  development, the sacro sanct religious places are being converted into places of tourism. The administration in the religious field is  gradually slipping into the hands of Government institutions.

In short, the lifestyle created by the Aryan sages and saints which enabled the people to observe maximum possible non-violence and live a very simple life is under tremendous attack for the last 500 years.   If steps are not taken to thwart this attack, all the systems of this country which aimed at the well being of each living creature all over the world will be destroyed and its place will be taken by exploitative and violent systems for ever.

What can be done towards this campaign for  protection of  our culture ?

The growing violence  today has its root in the overthrowing of the cultured lifestyle of people. In days to come, it will manifest  into direct and brutal violence against human beings.  Hence the efforts to hold on to the cultural lifestyle of the people is the only way out.  Towards this end, what is required to be done is as follows:

Re-establishing the time-tested Aryan model of development in all the four fields i.e. economic, social, political and religious.

Widespread awareness campaign to make people aware of the 1493 Bull,  which has established Vatican’s ownership right on all the living and non-living objects of the entire world. To make aware the people about the conspiracy hatched for implementation of this Bull  and to initiate an international movement against the Bull, seeking its  repudiation  and annulment of all that followed from it.

Restoration of the arts and crafts gifted by the selfless sages and saints which include Indianisation of agriculture based on cattle and organic farming and resurrection of  village industries based on  traditional arts and crafts.

Conservation, preservation and protection of all the  seeds in various fields of our life to enable adoption of a model based  on least possible violence.

Challenging the laws and schemes which promote unfrittered  violence against living creatures and efforts to get  laws implemented to control violence.

Preservation and protection of the precious cattle wealth of the Nation and to restore them as the nucleus of our economy.

Campaign  seeking ban on meat export from the country.

Rejection of modern agriculture and animal husbandry and the modern economic model in general, which renders our precious cattle wealth useless.

Implementation of schemes to make Panjrapoles self-sustaining and self- reliant.

Effective challenge  to the anti-people policies of the Government.

Campaign against the aggressive media propaganda promoting the western culture.

Aggressive propaganda and mass contacts to awaken people against the threat to  our very existence.
Relief and rehabilitation activities in times of natural calamities, droughts etc.

Protecting the religious sector against attacks mounted on it.

In short, it is a campaign for protection of our culture,  reinstatement of the culture based on four purusharthas of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

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