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Dear Friends,


o        Do you know why the prices of all daily necessities have gone through the roof?


o        Do you know why the item of bare necessity like milk has become an item of luxury for a common man?


o        Do you know why the nutrition is gradually disappearing from the food and chronic diseases are becoming

          so common?


o        Do you know why the noble profession of agriculture has turned burdensome for farmers?


o        Do you know why once wealthy nation like India has piled up huge debts and is caught in a debt trap?


From a small child to a senior citizen, from common man to a rich man, from farmers in rural areas to families in urban areas, from society to a nation … each one is a victim of serious problems and suffering… do you know the root cause of all such problems and suffering?


The root cause lies in production and export of meat.


Forex earnings through export of meat is a myth; an eye wash in the millions of people of this country by handful of few in the Government department.


An attempt has been made to compile some information on economic implications of export of meat. To understand the subject in more detail with facts and figure, please spare few minutes. Read the attached presentation and make a determined bid to achieve ban on meat export.



With regards,


Viniyog Parivar



NEW : Power point Presentation : Indian_Economy_and_Meat_Export_Policy